What’s So Funny?…

Stress can be discovered in this family of 14 more readily than we might want to admit. So what could possibly be stressful in a family of 14?  Just the thought could make most of us laugh.   During one of the recent, stressful times in our home, I wanted to lighten the mood.

I went in the morning to each of my kids rooms, sat on each bed, and laughed. It was time to wake up, and on a whim thought I would see what their reaction would be.

My laugh started simple, small, and grew in to full-fledged laughter. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to do. Sitting on the final child’s bed, I started with a little, tiny giggle. This giggle was met with questions, “What’s funny?” I just continued to laugh. My laugh grew bigger. Soon, my daughter was laughing and kept asking what is so funny. The more she laughed at nothing, I laughed harder, which was met with children flocking to her room. The responses grew. “What’s wrong with Mom? What’s so funny? Why is she laughing?”

The answers they gave each other were perfect and induced their own laughter. “We don’t know. She won’t quit laughing. Maybe she’s gone crazy. What did she eat; maybe a whole bucket of candy? Maybe she’s never going to stop.”

Maybe WE should never stop laughing. In a brief 10 minutes, I had a whole room of laughing, smiling children. The chaos, the struggles, the heartache, whatever the tension had been, was lost. Just by simple laughter, the moment became funny. The moment was pure and happiness filled our hearts. It’s amazing how quickly it spread. The infectious sound became more contagious and spread faster than any stomach flu could.

It reminded me to look around and find something to laugh about every day.  Maybe this video will give you something to laugh about today…


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