Cinco De Mayo

Is that Mariachi music you hear? Well, if you lived next door to us, you would have heard it along with some gritos Mexicanos ( you know those cool sounds like aaaaaayyyyyyeeee). We never need a reason to enjoy great Mexican cuisine, but sometimes we need an extra reason to have a party.

Cinco de Mayo! The 5th of May! Don’t be mistaken. This is not Mexico’s Independence Day. That’s September 16th. This grand holiday in the US is such a small holiday in Mexico, if even celebrated. It marks the winning of a war over the French in 1862. Over 500 French soldiers were killed on this day and Mexico was victorious.

What started out years ago in the US as a marketing approach to help increase sells for companies during lows in the month of May has now turned into a celebratory holiday in the US. I beleive it allows us to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Mexico. Many people now across the nation celebrate with Mexican based festivities. So in our house, that means PARTY, and an opportunity to help teach our 4 hispanic children to be proud of their Mexican culture.

Of course, every good party has great food. I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time cooking fine Mexican food, so I decided on a build your own nachos bar.  And to make it fun and have quick clean up, we had disposable foil pans to build our nachos in. I never know what the kids will be excited about when it comes to unique things with food. On our nacho bar, they were super thrilled to have fresh lime wedges and Cotija, the white Mexican crumble cheese.


I made fruit and veggie trays that displayed the Mexican flag. You know, it was a little more challenging than I thought to come up with white fruit and white veggies. I thought of using jicama for the veggie but couldn’t find it while I was out.

Mexican flag

I got the idea for these darling jello cups from my sister. She made them a few years back, and the idea has always stood out as something I wanted to do.

jello cups

My real splurge and surprise to the kids was getting everyone their very own Jarritos! Well, you can’t have a Mexican celebration without having Mexican soda, right?


For $1.50 we made up some fun colored decorations out of tissue paper to liven up the room. Such a simple, fun way to decorate that I learned from a friend.

colored decorations out of tissue paper

With our Mariachi music playing, we enjoyed dinner. The kids danced and danced. Well, if you want to call it dancing. I think it was a salsa, waltz, charleston, macarena mix. Ha ha. Or anything they felt like. It really was wild and fun.


And to finish the evening off I tried my hand at making fried ice cream for the first time. Not to bad, eh? Fried Ice Cream

The kids are baffled that the ice cream didn’t melt completely in the frier. And to be honest, so am I.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Viva Mexico!

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  • May 6, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    I love reading your blog, makes me smile.. Thank you.

    • May 6, 2015 at 4:55 pm

      Thanks Cathy! Glad you enjoy it!


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