Which of These Is Not Like the Other

I made a decision this morning as a common pattern of events occurred… SHOES are the most annoyingly stressful thing to exist in life! Especially when you’re six years old on your way out the door trying to catch a school bus! The blank stares are priceless when we ask, “Has anyone seen the match to this shoe?”  This photo shows the right-foot shoes to the missing left-foot shoes, four pairs worth.  This morning, not one of the 14 people in the house could find the left shoe to any of the pairs shown here.  Shoes


All four of the left-foot shoes are still MIA. Is it possible that it was stolen by a pirate who has a peg leg and only needs left-footed shoes?  That would seem to be a rational explanation to a six-year-old looking for a way out.

How in the world do you have one and not the other?

Didn’t you wear them at the same time on both of your feet?

Don’t you have four pairs?

Where’s the TWO complete pairs you wore just yesterday?

Why is it that every morning — every time we need to go somewhere — someone has no idea where his/her shoes are? We have a closet for them, shelves for them, and over the door shoe organizers.

The invention of shoes have provided us with many opportunities to exercise patience :).  Maybe we could enhance this invention.  We could connect three feet of bungee cord from one shoe to the other, so they will always be in reach of each other.  That would provide for some instant karma when the child tries to throw one of the shoes at a sibling; the favor would be returned immediately.  Maybe we could install remote control locators into each shoe.  Then, by the push of a button, the beeps would lead us to the stray shoe.   Or perhaps sleeping with the shoes on would solve the problem. Oh, wait! You’ll have to take them off to get dressed in the morning…

Who needs shoes anyway.

I prefer bare feet.

Happy Monday!


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