Valentine’s Day Almost Larger-Than-Life

We survived! It was a long Valentine’s Eve. There were 278 Valentine’s, 10 Valentine’s boxes, 5 dozen Valentine cookies, 3 Valentines dresses picked for their dances, hair highlighted, nails done, and a giant mess waiting to be cleaned.

Dave and I spent a good portion of our day out gathering things for their Valentine’s. I pulled up pinterest for a brief second and saw an overwhelming amount of options. I decided that I didn’t have hours to pick and would come up with my own this year, with the exception of the cute s’mores one below. I snagged a free print out for the dinosaurs after I thought my Dino-mite line was original. As it turns out, a lot of people use it: it’s too fun to pass up. Whatever happened to a folded card with three little candy hearts dropped in an envelope? I remember licking and sealing those envelopes and deciding which conversation hearts to give to people — simple and fun.  It seems to have become a much bigger event today.

I’d say David and I did a pretty good job on our cheesy lines.

Air Headlipsyo yo2

Then comes the box making… not my favorite part! The kids are on their own with this one. It needs to be theirs. On the other hand, they LOVE pinterest and have been looking for ideas for weeks. So why did they not start them weeks ago? For younger kids (the boys) I like to keep it simple. So a gift bag for them to decorate works great!




As if we didn’t have enough going on, the teenager needed her hair highlighted. Notice I stated needed…lol. Music was blasting. Girls were practicing their dance moves for the school dance and painted valentines nails. We managed to squeeze in dinner, homework, and one round of chores.

We won’t talk about the lateness that came, or the hour it was we needed to get up in the morning.

But with this morning came beautiful hair…

The teenager all decked out for the Valentines dance at the middle school with her new hair.


And fun styles for many others…8 girls is a whole lot of hair to do! Here’s a few fun ones we did today. Hearts galore.



Dozens of cookies for the 6th grade dance, and gifts for the kid’s teachers.


Two beauties at their dance…So much hard work over the past couple of weeks these two put into learning dances, and making decorations. They learned to swing, waltz, jitter bug, cha cha, electric slide, and more.



and some of the dance


What a success for them!


But my favorite part at the end of the parties was when I stepped outside to find this!  One little giant and Miss May were hiding, waiting for their siblings to come home…


That’s a lot of love in our house! Twelve times the mess! Twelve times the fun!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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