Is it a Corner Market or a Supply of Food for Months?

It’s not a reunion, a church function, or a scouting event, and I’m not stock piling for the apocalypse. And I wish the pictures included in this post were a direct result of winning a supermarket sweepstakes. But unfortunately, it’s not anything more than just grocery shopping.

Several stores…



We didn’t even make it to Costco yet!

Two of the cutest helpers…



and…one 14 foot table needing cleared!


and… a tired momma needing a nap!

It is no small task to plan and shop accordingly to feed everyone, not to mention that it is a challenge to store all of this food. This will cover about 2 weeks worth (maybe we can stretch more on some of the great deals), minus fresh produce, bread, and milk. I can’t buy more than a weeks worth of that at a time. Even with 2 fridges in my kitchen, there isn’t room for more.  We rarely buy convenience type foods. They’re a treat, and a moment off from the kitchen for me. Most everything is made from scratch, or it’s fresh produce.

Top 3 things I get asked at the check out:

1. Are you having a party?

2. Wow. Do you eat cereal for every meal?

3. Do you only shop, like, once every 3 months?


10 fun facts about feeding a large family:

1. We go through about 25 gallons of milk a month. It’s only for baking, cooking, and cold cereal. NO drinking it unless you’re little 🙂 .

2. It takes 3 loaves of bread to make enough sandwiches for one lunch.

3. We buy green beans in gallon cans. One can is enough for one meal, the same as opening 7 regular small cans.

4. It takes 10 pounds (yes, a whole bag) of potatoes to make mashed potatoes for one meal.

5. We use 4 dozen eggs to make scrambled eggs.

6. It takes more than a case of yogurt (12 count) to have one per person.

7. Sixty tacos can be eaten in one sitting.

8. We use 15-17 heads of lettuce in a month.

9. We seldom have leftovers.

10. We eat between 100-130 pounds of meat a month. We don’t have meat at every meal, and I skimp on meat for what any recipe calls for.


But at the end of the day, the fridges and freezers are stocked, and the menu is planned. And our tummies are full. Anyone else care to pick up the tab?


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