Entrepreneurs At This Age?

We have lived through the
final class store! WOOHOO! It’s a celebration…party in the house! No more store! Well, maybe I shouldn’t get carried away, I do have a 5th grader next year (sigh).

Last night after exhausting myself by attending seven parent teacher conferences, I found myself among a mess of girls getting ready for store! The 5th grade class does this wonderfully awesome experience of class store. The concept is loved. The loot they come home with is grand, but the work and stress is… to be lived without. I have three girls in 5th grade this year, last year there were two, and next, I’ll be glad to say, one.

They earn money for things like doing homework, being present in class, cleaning up their space, and other things. They then have three times a year they get to spend that money at the store! We’re talking 1,000’s of dollars they get to spend.  If only it was real money.

With partners or alone, they set out with a business plan. They apply for a license, make posters, make or buy product, and set up shop. There’s raffles, auctions, and other items for sale. They love selling out.  Well, maybe they don’t love that as much as what they buy to bring home. But I love when they sell out, as there are less things to bring home. Perhaps it’s a dozen cupcakes, a 2 liter soda, packs of gum, bags of candy, toys, stuffed animals, homemade pillows, jewelry, duct tape wallets and other randomness.  The possibilities are endless, and lots of smiles come with it.

Throughout the year, we have made gourmet cookies…well, I made cookies, caramel popcorn, candy treats, gak, and lots more gak.

So here are our little entrepreneurs at work for the evening…

Sewing pocket warmers.



Bags of playdough to sell.


I love the band-o-loom bracelets they made, especially the ones for Valentine’s Day with the red and white hearts in them.



So much success. They all sold out, and they Loved their loot! class store

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