Staying Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

One evening a few weeks ago, I (David) took a daughter to the doctor’s office for some ear pain.  There was no virus or infection associated with the visit.  It just so happened that it was simply a buildup of wax in her ear.  After they cleaned her ear out, she got this amazed look on her face as she could now hear!  The next day we received a phone call from the elementary school stating that our son wasn’t feeling well.  I made the trip over to the school and took him home.  Before I could make it back through the door to our home, the boss (Amanda) notified me that our teenager wasn’t feeling well and needed to be picked up from school.

After I took her home, we once again received a phone call from the elementary school to pick up another daughter as her ear was hurting.  So after picking up this child, I went directly from picking her up from school to the doctor’s office. I wondered if she was having sympathy pains from her sister’s ear problems from the night before, and maybe she just wanted her ears cleaned too.

Well, it appears to be a jaw issue after all.  But all this begs the question, “How does a family of 14 stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office during cold and flu season?”

As a preface, we have neither the time nor money to run to the doctors for every little ailment that surfaces.  The day I described above is an exception.  If you use only the doc’s words to live (or die:)) by, now would be a good time to stop reading this post 🙂 …or maybe not.   Not wanting rely on doctor’s visits or prescriptions once the winter months arrive, we thought we would do some research about what doctors use to stay healthy when coming in contact with many who have colds, the flu, etc.  Amanda came across an article that talked about what one doctor does to stay healthy during the winter season.  Then, when she was working as a cardiology tech at the University of Utah Hospital, an ER doc confirmed that he does the same.  These doctors used elderberry to stay healthy.

This information has changed our lives dramatically.  Our research didn’t stop there.  We have found three products when used together have been a blessing and rather miraculous for us and others that we have shared this information with.  Now, if your anxiety level is rising as you are anticipating that I’m going to suggest some amazing network marketing product for you to try, I’m not.

I am not a doctor.  But I know what has worked for our family.  Our family is the sample group — a rather large familial sample group, at that.  Here is how we do it.  The three products are elderberry, umcka, and zinc.  We have settled upon using these items from Nature’s Way.  We have our Amazon Subscribe and Save set to order these items every month of the year and save about 45% off of retail pricing.  Here’s the recipe:

When symptoms come on:

  • We use the Umcka chewable tablets 4X per day.
  • We use Sambucus (elderberry) sugar-free syrup 4X per day
  • We use Zinc lozenges up to 6X per day.

So in essence, we rotate taking these items every hour throughout the day, and the better we are at following it, the quicker we regain our health.  For us, about 48 hours is the expectation for regained health.

If you would like to try it, follow the directions on the products, of course, as directions can vary by age.   And, peradventure, you might just want to ask your doctor what he or she does to be healthy as they come in contact with many patients with illnesses during cold and flu season!IMG_7985

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7 thoughts on “Staying Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

  • January 20, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    This concoction really does work!

    • January 20, 2015 at 7:46 pm

      Tried and true! So happy to share it with you! Get feeling better soon.

  • December 6, 2016 at 6:43 am

    At last! Something clear I can untdrseand. Thanks!

  • December 25, 2016 at 11:53 am

    Oui mais lui il courrait déja avant il était au club d’athlé de Flers-Condé mais aussi s’ils gagnent c’est parce qu’ils sont nombreux! c’est pas méchant envers eux parce que c’est ça justement le plus dur : motiver les éleves!! :p

  • May 17, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Holy Kreike!!! I am so sorry you had to experience that but oh so glad you are ok. On another note, Las Vegas isn’t New York, but it is beautiful in it’s own way. It does have some incredible sunsets. Sending you some NYC love,nikki


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