Scream In The New Year!

…and just like that, it’s a New Year! A new adventure as we kick off 2015! There are many goals and resolutions yet to be decided.  But for the moment, we have all agreed upon a new family blog!  How exciting!

To ring in — more like yell and scream in — the New Year, we planned our traditional New Years Eve feast!  It was complete with so many finger foods that it was hard to decide on what to choose. But this year I accomplished something pretty darn impressive, our feast was 99.9999% gluten free! And we still managed to have our traditional loves!Hannah - Gluten Free

With a couple of hours of prep work and many helping hands, sometimes more than I wanted, we were able to produce quite the spread: shrimp, fried chicken bites, taquitos, stuffed mushrooms,new years - mushrooms bacon-wrapped smokies, homemade chips with guacamole and salsa, 7 layer bean dip, deviled eggs, fruit and veggie platters to boot, including those fancy green onions rolled in cheese… mmmmm, meat and cheese with crackers (with crackers of both kinds, here is where we weren’t gluten free), and believe it or not we bought canned soda! This may be one of the first times I recall having bought canned soda and had it in our house.New Years Food

We dined in some pretty awesome style.

Music selection from the teenager, not sure what it was, and glow in the dark place settings!

This was super Glow Tablefun!

Glow Table

The pictures probably don’t give it quite the justice it deserves.  My only suggestion is not to buy the striped glow sticks, but to buy the solid colored ones. The solid colored ones glow much brighter.  We talked about everyone’s favorites from 2014 from roasting hot dogs (Oslo) to having Zyker in our lives (several). We truly have been blessed this year!

We rocked it in our photo booth!

Aub-HannahPhoto Booth usAy-Mahayla

And to top off the count down our very own balloon drop.




Let the screaming of the New Year begin!

Happy 2015!

balloon3I love that our family is so big it makes for an awesome party. This year, while preparing, I realized that this may be the last time we all scream in the New Year together. Not sure why kids need to grow up so fast. So here’s to 2015, stopping and enjoying every moment, and making memories to last forever!

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3 thoughts on “Scream In The New Year!

  • January 2, 2015 at 3:15 am

    you did great mom and dad. it looks awesome. keep up the good work! i love it a lot. i will tell every one!

  • January 1, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    Wow mom and dad you weren’t lying we have a blog!


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