Playing Favorites!

Yep, I have a favorite child.  And they all know it.  There is sometimes a stigma here that I have a favorite, and I’m okay with them knowing I have a favorite child. Perhaps that’s because when my children are young, — well, lets be honest. I still do it.  — I whisper in their ears, “You’re my favorite.  Don’t tell anyone.” Of course as they get older, they tend to get smarter, and by the time they are 11, they know more than I do. And I’m not talking about knowing more than me in math but in life. They become experts so young these days. And at this point, they realize that you tell everyone that.


But think of the confidence it gave them all these years to think that they are mom’s favorite. To think that they are special. To feel like they have done something to feel fantastic about. And I love the pep in their step as they walk away knowing they are my favorite! And even once they know I say that to more than him or her, each time they hear it, it’s our own special moment. It’s something that in that moment I get to see them smile, their face light up, their demeanor change, and feeling as if they now wear a gold star.


Honestly, they each are my favorite, they each have different qualities that I love about them, that makes them who they are, that makes them my favorite. And of course calling them my favorite helps butter them up when I need extra help in the kitchen, folding laundry, helping with babies, etc.


I look forward to introducing them each on the blog, one favorite at a time. We have kids with names that range from A-Z.  It’s our life; it’s about them!
Here is my favorite…  Shhhh!!  Don’t tell the others!

Ice Cream Cosmo Kids Wagon StickersUpsidedown Push ups Favs in Forest Young Favs Crazy Hair

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