I Like My Socks!

Yes, I do! I like my socks! Can you guess why? The obvious answer is that they are lime green. But there is more to my socks than their color.

They mean someone was thinking about me. Someone loves me. And someone listened when I said my feet are cold. David came home with these socks the other day. He was out running errands, and when he came home he said, “Do you like fuzzy socks?” I was thinking, “Hmmm, that’s random.” I actually didn’t know if I liked fuzzy socks because I haven’t worn them before. Actually, I prefer to be barefoot and hardly ever wear socks. But we have hardwood floors in this house, and my feet are currently freezing all the time.  My sweet honey is in tune with this and bought me socks.

So, while wearing my lime green socks today, it got me thinking about the many times that he is thinking of me and just out of the blue does something that makes me smile, starting with the rubber chicken I got for my 20th birthday. We were engaged and he had choir practice the night of my birthday. In the car before he had to leave for choir, he gave me my gift. It was a rubber chicken with a sucker in it’s mouth. I laughed and was like, thanks. But that silly boy then opened the trunk of his car, and in it were placemats and kitchen chair seat covers that we had looked at some weeks before. I had honestly forgotten about the lovely fruit patterned cushions that I wanted for my soon to be kitchen. But he didn’t.

One time we were traveling in California. We were talking in the car about how many people go shopping when traveling. We never do. We spend all of our money getting where we want to go and on the activities we do while we are there. Funds are always short, so shopping isn’t a vacationing priority. We had stopped at a store, and I don’t recall the reason that we stopped. However, I stayed in the van with sleeping babies, and he went in the store. He came out with a bag for me! Really, he bought me something! I opened the bag and inside there was a shirt for me. It was the ugliest lime green tunic style shirt I had ever seen, and it had sparkles on it. I still own the shirt! I have even worn it a time or two. It is lime green after all.

Through the years I have gotten laundry hampers, can openers, bowls, spatulas, brooms, jewelry, dinners brought to me at work (even if it was a PB&J), reeses, gadgets that make parking the car easier, and other random things that I just simply mention needing along the way. These aren’t generally given to me on special occasions, more in passing. Either I said something was hard, bugging me, or needed, from a past conversation, and he shows up with a solution. Sometimes I have even forgotten what I’ve said. Like that my feet are cold. But he always hears me.

Thanks Honey! I like my socks!

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